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Top Sites for Home Inspection Software - Handpicked Recommendations

Home Gauge provides home inspection info, software, and resources for buyers and sellers as well as new and seasoned home inspectors.

Home Gauge software has reporting and rating techniques that make your job as a home inspector easy and effortless. Home Gauge offers the Pocket HG, which allows you to enter your inspection info on the spot or record your voice and automatic picture placement. It’s strictly an input device, but can help you cut time in half while you’re inspecting and easily recall the information later. In addition, the Pocket HG is cheaper than most and runs on most pocket Pcs. You can try this software free for 30 days.

Home Gauge also offers customizable home reporting software, with custom colors and information set-up. Additional add-ons on the site include a bilingual report, an ASTM template, a Home Systems Illustrated (software that adds line drawing to your reports), and PDF support.

Home Gauge offers comprehensive and efficient software, but the prices are slightly high. To get the best price on Home Gauge software, visit http://www.homegauge.com/inspector/store/specials.html for current summer deals.


Report Host offers fantastic reporting templates and software that help any home inspector become more organized and more revered by both clients and other professionals.

Report Host offers both reports as well as a web-based service, which allows you to work on reports online worry-free because they are saved in Report Host’s database each evening. The Report Host web-service offers easy delivery, revision, and uploading. Report Host is offered in basically, with Report Host Pro available for addition to your personal computer.

So what does Report Host offer? You can use Report Host’s offered printable field notes and then upload them into the web-based service, or use Report Host Pro on your handheld PC. The integrated software and databases offer unlimited digital pictures, customizable reports with icons, an automatically-generated summary page for your reports, all exceeding and complying with NACHI, ASHI, and NAHI standards of practice. Report Host is a great resource for a low price - free ($6 USD per report), or monthly subscriptions with 10, 20, and 40 monthly reports for $10, 40, and $120 USD progressively.

Report Host is definitely recommended for the new (or experience) home inspector who needs organized, ease, and integration.


Home Inspector Pro offers software that can create customizable, easy-to-read reports that can be upload, revised, accessed, emailed, or printed on the job. Home Inspector Pro runs on Windows, Max, and Linux. Home Inspector Pro offers a template system, quality change tables, reports with tables of content and summaries, unlimited photographs, photo batch add ability, unlimited documents, picture editor and re-sizer, an address book, and spell check.

Home Inspector Pro is a comparable resource, and you can create a professional website with Home Inspector Pro $24.99 USD a month. Home Inspector Pro forum access and a report uploading service trial are both free and available at the site. Home Inspector Pro can be leased for $99 USD, paid for by a payment plan with $349 USD, or purchased in full at $599 USD.

Home Inspector Pro is definitely recommended, and also can be purchased depending on your financial status - if you’re just beginning your career as a home inspector. Visit www.homeinspectorpro.com today.


Inspect It, a real-estate software company, offers home inspection software, as well as report forms, and packages that include both. Inspect It also has marketing tools available.

Inspect It’s home inspection software can be found by visiting the site and selecting ‘Home Inspection Software.’ Then, you options are specified by which state you live in. This home inspection software offers unlimited photos, the ability to generate reports spontaneously, and one-on-one training. It runs on Tablet PC laptops, notebook, or desktop computers with certain system requirements. Inspect It also offers a home inspection report, as well as a home maintenance manual and video.

Though Inspect It offers vital features for a home inspector, their packages are expensive. Visit http://www.inspectit.com/packages/index.cfm to view their prices. Inspect It is definitely recommended, but other options exist in a lower price range.


3D Inspection software offers customizable reports with hidden inspector notes (that don’t print on official reports), thumbnails, the ability to draw diagrams and schematics, an image editor, multiple layout choices, mailing labels, seamless merge of client information to documents, automatic inclusion of disclaimers and critical information, spell check, summary pages, and separate Word Processor utility area to create unlimited documents and templates.

Undoubtedly, 3D Inspection offers a plethora of vital options that will help make your job extremely easy. 3D Inspection is offered in several configurations - 3D Inspection, 3D Premier, Focus Edition, and Client Server edition. As each has more functions, each is priced more expensively. The products range from $1,099 USD to $3, 299 USD.

It’s recommended that if you purchase this software, you’re an experienced home inspector, since the prices are so high. 3D Inspection does offer fantastic and comprehensive features for the veteran home inspector.

You can download a free trial of 3D software, or view the “webinar” presentation for more information today.


Palm-Tech home inspection software is designed to be used on portable computers to create ease and efficiency for the home inspector on the job.

You can get Palm-Teach features via hardware, software, or pre-built packages that include both. The software allows you to create customizable reports, and the hardware includes a wireless printer function and an actual personal computer with lots of memory.

Though Palm-Tech seems to offer great functions that would help any home inspector, the website (www.palm-tech.com) offers hardly any information about the product. The incentive is to download the free demo to see if Palm-Tech is right for you.

So, if you’re interested in Palm-Tech, or maybe have tried other software programs, visit the site for more information or call 1-888-736-2462.


Inspect Faster, software available at www.home-inspection-software.com, offers several excellent functions for any home inspector at a moderately affordable price.

Inspect Faster offers the ability to customize reports with drop-down text boxes, templates, and text and image magnification. Inspect Faster also offers important home codes and notes, inspection report preview, seamless PDF import, and instant search filter.

Compared with other software packages, Inspect Faster is priced moderately at $299 USD. It’s definitely recommended for the home inspector that doesn’t want to compromise function for price - here, you get both! If you’re interested, visit www.home-inspection-softwaer.com to download a demo or purchase the product.


Inspector FX is a software program for home inspectors that aims to make your job easy, paperless, and simple. Inspector FX also works on a multi-user and multi-office configurations, conveniently.

Inspector FX contains inspection reports that help with seamless order entry, photo management, easy exchange of data between users, email inspectors orders and store related digital documents.

While Inspector FX offers only comparable functions, it’s FREE! If you’re interested in using Inspector FX’s service, visit http://www.inspectorfx.com/download/inspector-fx-8.5.html to download Inspector FX 8.5 absolutely free.


Inspection Report Creator, a leader in home inspection software and reporting solutions, offers basic home inspection software as well as mold and pest specific configurations.

The home inspection software is an “intelligent” system – which can help refresh your memory on how to perform certain types of inspections interactively with audio, photo, and video. The home inspection software from this company is also partnered with the PHII.

IRC offers checklist, narrative, and combo style reports, web-based, interactive HTML reports, 40 customizable forms, an invoicing system, a tracker to catch unfinished parts of the report, previews of reports, over 1,000 one-click auto-comments for defects, spell check, audio and video narration, and more personalization options.

IRC has no monthly fee, and is available for $799 USD (reduced from $999 USD). A purchase includes 2 licenses and PDA support.

IRC is somewhat expensive, but comparable/on par when compared to other software systems offered. And with no monthly fee, IRC makes for a great option. You can download the free demo (and receive free info about PHII classes) at the site today.


First Choice offers multiple versions of their home inspection software on their site, at www.homeinspectorsoftware.com. We’ll compare versions and tell how you First Choice’s software stacks up.

First Choice software works conveniently on your PC, portable computer, and even Vista. First Choice offers 5.0, their newest version, along with versions 4.50 and 3.11. It’s easiest to compare features here http://www.homeinspectorsoftware.com/Compare.htm to see which version is right for you. All versions offer pre-loaded comments, customizable text, spell check, and color photos. The latest version, 5.0., also offers unlimited systems, customizable reports, a back-up data feature, printer options, both residential and commercial reports, and the ability to email reports.

Though the site is not exceeding informative, First Choice software (even the latest version) is fairly well-priced, available at $449.95 USD. First Choice is comparable and affordable, and therefore a solid choice for home inspection software. Visit the site or call 888-882-4947 for more information today.

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